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The Songs
  1. San Antonio Rose
  2. Texas Blues
  3. Take Me Back To Tulsa
  4. Delta Blues
  5. Fais Do Do
  6. Breakfast Feud
  7. Browns Ferry Blues
  8. It's Dark Outside
  9. Panhandle Rag
  10. Blues For Dixie
  11. Sentimental Journey
  12. Back Home In Indiana
  13. Sitting On Top Of The World
  14. Crazy Cause I Love You
  15. Hang Your Head In Shame
  16. Vassar's Boogie
  17. Little Rock Getaway
  18. Yellow Sun
  19. Gravy Waltz
  20. C Jam Blues
  21. Tippin In
  22. You All Come
  23. Last Song For Shelby Jean
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The Players
  • Vassar Clements - fiddle, viola, vocals
  • David Bromberg - guitar
  • D.J. Fontana - drums
  • Doug Jernigan - steel guitar
  • Benny Kennerson -piano
  • Michael Melford - guitar, mandolin, piano
  • Ellis Padgett - bass
  • Sam Pruett - guitar
  • Kenneth Smith - electric bass
  • Gordon Terry - vocals