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QuantityItem NumberItem DescriptionUnit PriceSubtotal
________VPCD35Norman Blake / Tut Taylor / Sam Bush / Butch Robins / Vassar Clements / David Holland / Jethro Burns 18.50________
________VPCD34Vassar Clements - Livin' With The Blues 18.50________
________VPCD28Old and In The Gray 18.50________
________VPCD27Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (30th Anniversary Edition) 25.00________
________VPCD26Vassar Clements - A Night of Bluegrass At Sherwood Forest 12.00________
________VPCD25Vassar Clements - Full Circle 18.50________
________VPCD24Vassar Clements - 20 Fiddle Tunes & Waltz Favorites 18.50________
________VPCD19Vassar Clements - The Bottom Line Encore Collection 18.50________
________VPCD10Vassar Clements - Vassar's Jazz - Golden Anniversary Album 18.50________
________VPCD18Vassar Clements, Norman & Nancy Blake, Roy Huskey, Jr. & Friends - An Americana Christmas 18.50________
________VPCD11Vassar Clements - Hillbilly Jazz Rides Again 18.50________
________VPCD36Vassar Clements - New Hillbilly Jazz 18.50________
________VPCD12Vassar Clements & Stephane Grappelli - Together at Last 18.50________
________VPCD14Vassar Clements - Grass Routes 18.50________
________VPCD8Vassar Clements - Music City USA 18.50________
________VPCD20Old And In The Way18.50________
________VPCD2Old And In The Way - That High Lonesome Sound 18.50________
________VPCD6Old And In The Way - Breakdown18.50________
________VPCD7Vassar Clements - Live in Telluride 1979 18.50________
________VPCD9Saturday Night Shuffle- A Celebration Of Merle Travis18.50________
________VPCD1Vassar Clements - Hillbilly Jazz18.50________
________VPCD5Vassar Clements - Back Porch Swing18.50________
________VPCD15Dead Grass featuring Vassar Clements 18.50________
________VPCD22Northern Lights and Vassar Clements - Three August Nights Live18.50________
________VPCD29Billy & Bryn Bright18.50________
________VPCD30Bill Henry - Red Sky18.50________
________VPCD31John Hartford - Steam Powered Aereo-Takes 18.50________
________VPCD32All Jake - Heart & Soul - The Songs of Jake Landers18.50________
________VPCD33Runaway Fiddle - Buddy Spicher and Vassar Clements18.50________
________VPVID1 - VHSVassar Clements Instructional Video VHS Format - The Fiddle According To Vassar 40.00________
________VPVID1 - DVDVassar Clements Instructional Video DVD Format - The Fiddle According To Vassar 30.00________
________VPVID2Vassar Clements - Vassar Swings 25.00________
________VPTS4Vassar Clements 75th Birthday Celebration Tee Shirt (Specify Size: M, L, XL, XXL) 20.00________
________VPTS1Vassar Clements Fiddle Tee Shirt (Specify Size: M, L, XL) 15.00________
________VPTS2Vassar Clements Full Circle Tee Shirt (Specify Size: M, L, XL, XXL) 20.00________
________VPTS3Vassar Clements Long Sleeve Denim Shirt (Specify Size: L, XL) 25.00________
________VPPH1Vassar Clements Photograph #15.00________
________VPPH2Vassar Clements Photograph #25.00________
________VPPH3Vassar Clements Photograph #35.00________
________VPPH4Vassar Clements Photograph #45.00________

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